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Lifetime Gutter Guards is the best gutter guard for locust trees

Frequently Asked

Does Lifetime attach to my roof or harm my roof warranty in any way?

No. We follow proper roofing practices when installing Lifetime™ by not screwing or attaching the Lifetime to the roof or shingles.

Does the screen ever clog over time and need to be cleaned?

No. Lifetimes proprietary design allows the screen to self clean with rain. In fact, if the screen was to ever clog we will come out and clean it for free!

Does Lifetime keep out pine


Yes. Lifetime keeps out pine needles and will also keep out debris as fine as shingle sand.

What makes Lifetime unique from other micro-mesh systems?

Most micro-mesh systems are cheaply made using plastic frames or no frame at all. Lifetime™ is made with aircraft grade extruded aluminum for superior durability.

Do I have to replace my whole gutter system?

No. Lifetime is designed to install onto your existing gutter system. However, if your gutters need replaced we can offer a complete gutter replacement.

Does debris build up on top of the gutter guard?

No. Because Lifetime is installed at an angle it self-cleans with 10 -15 mph of wind.

Lifetime Leaf Protection _ Denver, Colorado _ Before and After.png

Get peace of mind with the only gutter guard that is designed for Colorado homes.

What Homeowners Are Saying About Lifetime

As older consumers, our mind is put at ease knowing we will never have to climb ladders anymore to clean the gutters!

- Maria B. Fort Collins, CO

They offer a superior product, terrific warranty and they deliver! I have NO hesitation in recommending this company to anyone!

- Maria B. Fort Collins, CO

Performance is exactly as promised.

Pine needles and pine cones all rolloff!

- Maria B. Fort Collins, CO

Great company doing amazing work. Our gutters worked like a charm and could not be happier. Highly recommended!

- Mark Richardson, CO

With our Triple Lifetime, Transferable Warranty you will have the peace of mind
knowing your gutters will never clog and are protected for life!

Lifetime Gutter Guard _ Triple Lifetime Warranty.png
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