The Lifetime™ Story

From Installer To Innovator

I was first introduced to the world of gutter guards over 16 years ago in the Fall of 2005. I began as a gutter guard installer as a way to pay my way through college. Since that time I've had the privilege of working with and installing about every major brand of gutter guard that is out there today. One of the biggest problems that I found with gutter guards is that they were designed by individuals who have never installed gutter guards or have had a chance to see how their designs function years later. As a constant student I began to notice certain design elements that made some systems perform great in some areas and yet still struggle in others. It was never my intention to design my own gutter guard but as I saw products being made of less quality and not solving the issues I knew needed to be solved, I began compiling the elements I felt were needed to go into making the ultimate gutter guard. One thing that I wanted above all else was a product that not only performed better than others but would be made of the highest quality material available and be a permanent solution. I've found that some products, while effective, wouldn't hold up or last over time especially in places where extreme hot and cold temperatures, intense UV exposure, or hail are constant threats on many materials. So after 3 years, 7 prototypes, extensive testing & working along side brilliant engineers from Colorado to Germany we are proud to introduce you to Lifetime™.

Lifetime Leaf Protection Story